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My Spray Booth – No Eye Candy, Here…

This is definitely an ugly picture post, so stick with me, here.  I have had a lot of questions about my spray booth, so I thought I would finally dish the details.  I am very fortunate to have a large workshop space in my basement, so I can have a pretty large spray booth.  The size can easily be adjusted to fit in a garage, shed, or smaller basement.  My hubby is going to make me a proper spray room, but that’s not going to happen until the spring.  Until that happens, this is and has been a great solution.
The booth is basically three walls of heavy plastic that were cut to size and hung from the ceiling using 1×2’s and a nail gun.  The plastic was rolled around the 1×2, which was then stapled to the ceiling joists. 
I rolled the excess plastic at the bottom in 4×4’s to keep the plastic tight.  When we need the space for something other than a spray booth, we can remove the boards and roll up the plastic. 
I use wood working clamps to connect the plastic walls at the corners.  I simply rolled the plastic and then clamped it in a few places.  You could use chip clips, clothes pins, or large binder clips. A clamp is also used as a tie back.
My ventilation comes from opening the cellar doors and using a fan to keep the air moving.  This is pretty effective, but it makes it impractical to use the booth when it’s really cold and impossible when it’s raining or snowing. 
I couldn’t do a post on my spray booth without sharing a picture of my baby.  Isn’t he cute?

OK, he’s not a looker, but I love my Graco HVLP paint sprayer.  This thing rocks!  It has improved the efficiency and quality of my work, so it was well worth the expense.  And just a note…using a paint sprayer is very different than spray painting with a can.  Totally different creature.  I’m actually not that big of a fan of spray paint, but I love my paint sprayer.  I’ll go into it further in a future post. 

My husband and I agree that the spray booth contains about 85% of paint particles and also helps with the fumes.  Since this is my business and I paint furniture several times a week, I need a ventilation fan system and something more permanent, but our temporary solution is a great option for the average DIYer.

Make sure you come back Wednesday to check out the first installment in the Workshop Series!

Miss Mustard Seed

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  1. This is awesome, especially since you spray paint as much as you do. I am sort of stranded in the winter…I don't have my piece of plywood under a shady tree. It is 18 degrees and all hard packed snow now!!

    Love your baby!! :-)


  2. I have a confession to make. I am hopeless at spray painting. All of blogland is doing it and when I try it I always get drips, lots of drips. Maybe I am not using the right kind of equipment (she says in a hopeful voice). Anyway, I am saving this for future reference because I have this feeling there will be a lot more spray paint in my future.

  3. This is very cool! For one blonde dizty moment I thought I was going to see where you spray tan! haha I'm thinking man this woman must really like to tan. Once my brain started working again I realized this is way better than spray tan!

  4. This looks like a nice set-up for your painting business. Your paint sprayer gives you amazing finishes on your furniture pieces…well worth the investment.
    Thanks for all the tips and details. Looking forward to the first installment of your Workshop Series.

  5. I'm jealous! We work on our Ethel Edith stuff in my basement. However, we're forced to paint by hand or spray paint. I hope soon we can get a paint sprayer – I'd be thrilled!!

  6. I want one…seems I always say that! Want to know more…brand etc.

    Can't wait to hear more.

  7. I have been painting and finishing by hand and have had countless people tell me to go to a sprayer. Fortunately I have a fabulous 20' x 40' workshop of my own so I will have to find a spot for a spray booth. Thanks for the tips in setting one up.

  8. wow what a great idea to get the job done. Thank you for stopping by my new blog it was so good to see you there. You can never go wrong with blue and white,it is a perfect combination,Kathysue

  9. Great tips. Would you mind sharing how you protect yourself? Mask? Etc. Thanks

  10. So this is you perform all your magic! What a wonderful workspace. Looking forward to reading about your paint sprayer.

    – Deborah

  11. Great tip! It's great to be able to spray things when the weather outside is too damp or cold.

  12. I noticed your comment at Between Naps on the Porch. I too love Susan's bedroom and just redid mine… used different fabrics of course but hers was an inspiration. The floral comforter she has is a set and I think it is available at Dillards. I have also seen that fabric for sale at my local JoAnne's and I found it online too… can't remember where.

    Glad I found your blog too!

  13. That's better than my spray painted yard and fingers and wind changing corse…


  14. What a wonderful set-up! What a lucky girl!
    Dee Dee

  15. Wow. I have spray booth envy. I think I'll try to make this when I refinish our dining room set.

  16. I want one! All the best, Lori

  17. Thanks for this great tutorial on the spray booth. Now if I go buy a sprayer, will that include a tutorial and promise that my projects will turn out as fabulous as yours?
    BTW, thanks to you and Donna, Wednesday is now my favorite day of the week. Lisa

  18. Wow! I'm jealous and I'm looking forward to your workshop series. Lezlee

  19. Oh how I wish I had a basement like yours with a work space like yours and a sprayer like yours.

    I have spilled paint splatters all over our garage floor and my husband yells at me, so now I have to get the floor repainted.
    I have also gone outside but keep painting the grass, and my husband yells at me. So, I'm not sure what I'll do next.
    So, I'm very jealous. But happy for you!

  20. I am coveting your spray booth and space!:) I just love that you are sharing these great ideas! Can't wait to see what comes next!

  21. It looks like the TV show Dexter! ;p

  22. I think your little "spray room" is B. E. A. youtifull!!

  23. Show off!! :)

  24. Pretty darned impressed here…smiles.

  25. thanks so much………….now I need more info on how to spray paint which terrifies me………….is there a hobbists ie smaller sprayer available that anyone would recommend?
    thanks again/great post

  26. Thank you for sharing this–I was wondering exactly how you "paint sprayers" were setting up shop. I'm still painting the old fashioned way, but I'm hoping that I'll have one by the end of the year. Glad to see you love yours, maybe that's the brand I'll go with as well. Thanks again!

  27. Very cool! Thanks for the incredibly interesting tour! BEE you tee ful in my eyes. :)

    I hope to do something similar in my garage. Even with the big door open, it was suggested I get a ventilation system to keep the fumes out of the house. So, I'm hearin' ya!


  28. Random idea here, if you somehow worked a shop vac into a section, it might be able to filter some of the particles out of the air…. I wonder.

    But, either way, I must say this is a seriously enviable space!

  29. You are the BOMB DIGGITY! Thanks for sharing so freely with all us stalkers and followers. I showed your paint booth to my hubby and he is going to hook me up with one! Yipeeeee!

  30. I have made a similar one with plastic shower curtains. I wait for my neighbor to leave for work…he usually come back in four or five days, so I have the whole porch for me. Them hang the curtains and cover the floor with newspaper and I`am ready to go.

  31. I love my sprayer, but have struggled with the best place to spray. I have a huge garage, and part of it is cordoned off for my work. What a fantastic idea! Thank you so much for sharing. I live in a pretty moderate climate, so this would work almost year round. Great tip!!!

  32. Count me in with those that are jealous. I talked hubby into purchasing a large roll of heavy duty plastic along with eight 2x4s back in October to build something similar to this in our workshop basement. I also purchased eight of the large coated bike hooks to screw into the 2x4s that will be attached to the ceiling. The bottom of the plastic sheeting will be rolled around the 2x4s but secured with tape so it can then be rolled up when not in use and held in place above our heads in the large bike hooks. It has yet to be accomplished. For ventilation we'll install a bathroom ceiling exhaust fan between the joists, venting to the outside as in a bathroom. Even though I only work with water based paints and finishing I'll also wear a gas mask because of allergies.

  33. Miss Mustard Seed,
    You are quickly becoming my go-to-girl. I haven't found your actual name on any of the posts I've read just yet. I will sooner or later. I've read all the posts on starting your business and I cannot thank you enough for the invaluable information. Thank you for the post on fear…although I don't think it's quite fear I have, but more of not wanting to feel hurt and rejected. Yes, I realize that not everyone is going to love my creations, heck, sometimes even I don't love my creations. lol. Thank you for the list of chalk paint reps. I've already contacted a rep in Clovis, Ca. Since I used to live there and it's the closest to Alaska, where I live, that would be the best one. It's almost like the universe was screaming at me to use chalk paint. I'd been considering making my own chalk paint and decided that could potentially be a nasty little DIY experience; using soured milk and such. 😛 I've spent hours closely examining the pieces you've done using the chalk paint. UH-MAZING!!! I can see a total difference in how the paint looks compared to our normal mistint random paints. Your close-up photos or the great camera were the push I needed to invest. There are so many other compliments I'd like to pay. Thank you also for showing the the messy random furniture every where pic! I've seen the pic of your living room when it's all snazzy and decorated for the holidays. The changes you've made so on so forth. (told you I've been reading through your posts lol) That messy pic made me feel like hey these blogging ladies are normal too. They don't live in picture perfect houses and are not all Martha Stewart either. LOL. Which I don't even think Martha lives like the image we all think she does. Well, maybe, it's Martha Stewart! Anyways, thank you a million times over. The long comment with randomness is my attempt to not boggle down busy bloggers with 50 ooh and ahh comments. I just wait eons and try to nail it all the ooh and ahh into one well meaning comment. Thank you so much! You're such an inspiration! You have mad style! I think I would love to be friends with you in real life! Maybe one day I'll be able to come to PA for an antiquing, historical sightseeing and meet Miss. Mustard Seed trip. Until then blessings to you and your family.


  34. I am trying to figure out what paint sprayer to buy. I actually bought an Asturo gun but haven't gotten the compressor yet and now I am having second thoughts. I can't really afford $900 for the gun you have but did find this:
    Looks very similar. DO you know anything about this gun? I am just having alot of anxiety about the gun I bought because even though it is a pro gun that I am sure will produce a great finish I am just not sure I want to try to fit a big compressor into my garage, nor am I sure I will be able to get the gun working properly. any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated. [email protected]
    thank you!

  35. I like your way to define the many advantages of your spray booth and this is also a very interesting blog.

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