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Good Advice, a Globe, and a Box


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I’m sure everyone has “that” place in their house (or a few) that they just don’t know what to do with. You can arrange and rearrange and never quite get it right. My family room fire place mantle is one of those places. I have had an antique medicine cabinet there, two different mirrors, a painting, topiaries, hurricanes, plates, you name it. Nothing really sings. Part of the problem is that I want to take a sledge hammer to that fireplace, but that’s not going to happen for a while. Until then, I need to adopt the principal that if you can’t change it, decorate it. Here it is…blah. I love the auction mirror ($1.00), the concrete chicken ($15.00), and the yard sale ironstone platter ($2.50), but I’m just not sure they all really work here.

So, I was staring at my mantle (as I frequently do) before we left on our trip. I wanted to do something. Something fast & free. The advice from my friend, Donna, over at Funky Junk Interiors popped into my head — Layers, layers, layers. I had a twig wreath that I purchased for $2.00 at a yard sale in the basement. I grabbed it and just set it up between the mirror and the ironstone platter. What a difference! Something so small made a big impact. It still doesn’t “sing” to me, but it’s headed in the right direction. Good advice, Donna. Thanks.
While I was in Raleigh, I couldn’t help myself and I dropped into Goodwill. I found a pair of silver tumblers for $2.39/piece and this globe for $3.99. I’m not sure, yet what I’m going to do with it, but I’ve always wanted a globe. (Not sure why…)
And here’s a progress report on the bread box I am painting for Lilia of Two Brown Eyed Beauties. She sent me the quote she wants painted on it and I’m waiting to hear from her on the color scheme. I’ll then paint the quote, embellishments, and add a final glaze. I was out of town for the holiday, but I have a lot of projects that are almost done. I should have some new things to share with you this week. Stay tuned!

Miss Mustard Seed

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  1. I think you got it down good! I like the layering.

    I'm going to do your blog next week; thanks so much for volunteering! : )

  2. I hear ya! I have a lot of those places that I don't know what to do with. I used to decorate with very little accessories, thinking I liked the "minimal" look, and then I realized I just didn't know how to accessorize properly! I have also started "layering" and WOW what a difference! I will never look back.
    By the way – the mantel looks great! LOVE that wreath tucked in front of the mirror – looks to me like you're done!


  3. The mantle looks wonderful. I love all the decorations.



  4. I think that it is heading in the right direction. It looks much better with the layering. I should be saying anything because my mantle is two story and I haven't a clue as to what to do. LOL

  5. Loving the layers!! I adore a great topiary. Simply divine …

  6. Looking good!!

  7. I've been messing with my mantles for years….VERY rarely do I get it 'just so'. I love the layering you're doing. Definitely makes a statement! 'Course I love rustic wreaths too :)

  8. Wow, you're right, that yard wreath is the absolute perfect touch!
    Looks great!

  9. Well now aren't you sweet! Yes indeed, the layering made a massive impact!!

    I'm a total wreath lover too. Have you tried your mantel without the small platter so you can see more 'circle' rather than 2 square shapes? (or move the platter behind the wreath)

    Another thing is simply moving your taller pieces inside and the shorter on the outside. Creates less squares as well.

    'Nuther thing (like you even asked for advice!!) is place the mirror in the TALL position off center, and find something square and lower and place it to the right. You get your eye jumping in different ways and again, removes the square shape.

    Honestly, it looks cool the way it is! But if you're anything like me, you could spend 7 hours on just that one area until you get it feeling right. Yes, I have issues… :)


  10. O, think YOU got problems with decorating a mantel…I have a woodburning stove with the pipe going right up thru the ceiling…It is so so SO hard to decorate because of the pipe.
    I think that wreath added so much..Ican't believe the difference..Just perfect!!
    xo bj
    have a safe trip!

  11. I used a globe for a table setting luncheon with a sort of vintage school theme. I painted it with chalkboard paint and it was my favorite thing on the table. If you are interested in seeing it, click on me, then under style, and go to 'readin', writin' and rithmatic. I found you through reinvented and then went through alot of your blog. Very fun ideas.

  12. What a difference a two dollar wreath makes. You need to start organizing and leading "shopping trips". Then again, you probably don't want to give away all your secret places 😉

  13. I too, have always wanted a globe… I'm holding out for $3.99 :) I have a mantle delima this week too… ugh. I whined about it on my blog– any ideas for hanging stockings? Creatively?

  14. Amazing such a small change can make such a huge difference!

  15. Think of your mantle as a freash pallet that can be changed according to the season, or whim! I love the additions to yours, so very creative!… Dee Dee

  16. I have the same problem with my mantle. It's just never quite right for me. I attempted the layering (hung my wreath over a big empty frame)…I'm still not sure about it!
    I thought your mantle looked great. I love the wreath that you added.

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